Rail Transit Consultants provides integrated solutions to the communication system requirements in the transit industry. Typically, we offer integrated solutions, including such subsystems as:

• Train Radio Communication,
• Passenger Emergency Communication,
• Inter-vehicle Intercom System,
• Passenger Information System,
• Public Address Systems,
• Automatic Vehicle Location,
• CCTV surveillance and recording system,
• Passenger Counter Systems,
• Wireless Interface to Maintenance Shop and other transit facilities,
• Remote Fault Monitoring system interface.
 Our approach is to utilize transit grade hardware from various service proven suppliers and design and integrate this equipment to achieve the function requirements of the customer. The functionality of the hardware is achieved by the software. Our software uses the Capability Maturity Modelฎ for Software (SW-CMMฎ) Level 2 as a guideline for the complete software development cycle. Among our services are:

• Conceptual Design,
• Design Implementation (Hardware, Software, Wiring Analysis),
• Qualification Testing,
• All necessary manuals, and
• Training.
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